Intuitive Life Coaching

    Finding Your Inner Self/ True Life Purpose

Have you ever thought about who you are? What you stand for?

If you have never given much thought to who you are on the inside, it is likely that you have become defined by your identities. It is common for people to see themselves as a certain role, such as a friend, partner, employee, or son/daughter. Some spend their whole lives building themselves around such identities. Take those identities away, and they get lost, because they have little awareness of who they are on the inside. These people are not able to articulate his/her own vision, goals, and beliefs beyond what’s imposed by their identities.

Knowing your inner self comes from being self-aware. Even if you do not have full clarity of your inner self, it is likely that certain aspects of your inner self are already exhibited on a day-to-day basis through how you act. For example, if you find yourself often extolling the importance of filial piety, responsibility is likely one of your values. If you feel a compelling need to always be there for your friends, reliability is probably an important value to you.

As you uncover more of your inner self, you may find that some of your real life identities do not match your inner self. There’s a conflict between who you are and who you are expected to be. If so, that’s fine. It’s a first step to discover who you are.

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