I have to say this was by far the best session I have ever had!

Donna worked with many precise details about my life and was so astonishingly accurate.
Not only is she a lovely warm woman that puts you at ease, she makes you feel so welcome and looked after.

You feel like you’ve had a big spiritual hug!

If you go see anyone spiritually.. Go see the best! See this amazing lady you will not be disappointed!

Grace X

I have just had the most amazingly accurate reading with Donna, it was quite overwhelming. Right from the word go, she was telling me things that blew me away. I would definitely recommend her, and I will definitely go back and see again later in the year. Your such a lovely lady too, thank you once again, Donna. 25th April 2016


I had a spiritual reading with Donna on 7/4/16. Almost from the first minute the accuracy of the experience gave me an overwhelming Feeling of healing and closure. In essence MY recently deceased Mum is now reunited with my late dad and it was like hearing things that Mum Would always say to me- That Donna could never of known- that literally gave me goosebumps on the spot! Thanks again Donna x 8 April 2016

Paul Gittin

Andrew & myself had a private reading last night ,it was so accurate Donna gave us great comfort knowing our beautiful daughter is at rest & is watching over us all . Thank you Donna your an amazing lady x

Anne and Andrew Davies

I attended Donna’s charity night I enjoyed the evening,amazing how you communicate with the Spirits,thank you x

Clare Dugara

I went to the charity evening,Donna gave me a reading,very accurate,thank you.

Amanda Yeardsley

I was at the charity evening for Claire House.Donna described my lovely auntie accurately and gave a meaningful message,thanks Donna I would love to see you again in the future x

Gill Lucock

I went to the charity evening,really enjoyed it even though I never got a message tonight xx

Tracey Tyson

I was at the charity evening for Claire House lovely reading with Donna, i need to get a private one to one with Donna xxning it was a really good night I definitely would come again and see Donna and would go for a personal reading

Andrew Smalley

I was at the charity evening with Donna,Donna was 100% accurate with the message I got !

Lisa Preston

I attended the charity evening with Donna really good evening I definitely would come again would also come for a personal reading xxx

Laura Brandon

What a lovely lady.
I enjoyed the evening and what a lovely atmosphere!.


An enjoyable night. I came here with scepticism, but leaving with food for thought.


A very enjoyable evening.

Chris Dixon

Fantastic evening, very comforting.
Time went to fast though look forward to a personal reading very soon!

Amanda Robinson

Having never been to a clairvoyant before and been chosen for a message I was surprised about accurate Donna is!
She said things that were on my mind no-one else knew.
Thank you Donna x

Melissa Fowler

Really enjoyable, very accurate messages and she even new I was a scorpio!!

Fairly Crawford

Very impressed how accurate Donna’s descriptions were though her contact with the spirit world. Reassuring to feel that our loved ones are still these watching us.

Linda Greenham

Me and my mum came to see Donna for the first time and my dad came through. His message was so precise and accurate. Thank you so much Donna!

Elaine Jackson

What an absolutely fabulous evening could now believe how accurate Donna was!

Dawn Hanna

Absolutely amazing, my grandmother came through and gave me the advice and guidance I needed. A fab evening with tears at times but all in a positive manner. Donna is polite, thorough and fabulous at what she does. A must see!

Natalie Boyle

Absolutely amazed by Donna and how detailed the messages were!

Charleigh Lewis

Beautiful evening, thank you it was so lovely!

Sally Williamson

Thank you Donna you were spot on and made me feel hopeful about the future!

Nicola Leighton

Interesting evening, some parts were ‘gasp’ moments!! Very good and would recommend to others!

Tracey Upton

Really enjoyed the evening, glad the message came through, would like to arrange a reading in the near future.
Thank you for a lovely evening Donna.

Cathy Robinson

Very interesting and accurate. Loved being in your company. Thank you!

Anna Hughes

Amazingly accurate and in depth confirmed what I already knew. A great comfort!

Joy Mahoney

I had a personal reading with Donna today. I must say she has a fantastic gift. everything she told me was accurate…amazing lady, I will certainly be recommending her to my friends and I will definitly be seeing her again. Thank you Donna x x

Julie, Wirral

I saw Donna at Royal Inn in Par.
This is my second evening going to an event to see Donna and another enjoyable evening.

Denise Moreton

I went to see Donna at the event in The Royal Inn,Par. I had a truly enjoyable evening,thank you so much x


I saw Donna at Royal Inn,Par.
I had a very good reading,I will be contacting Donna for a group session,thank you x


I went to see Donna at Royal Inn,par.
I got no messages for myself,I was disappointed would love to have had one from Donna,not her fault though !


I saw Donna live at The Royal Inn, Par,St Austell.
Thank you my friends and I thought the evening was very good.Donna is a true Medium.

Gill Rowett

I had a one to one reading with Donna whilst staying at The Fowey Hall Hotel.
It was thought provoking and very surprising,but genuinely warming.How do you do it ?

Thank you Donna

Liz Rushby

The Fowey Hall Hotel,Cornwall

I had a private reading with Donna whilst staying at The Fowey Hall Hotel.
I had the reading for a specific reason and Donna did not disappoint.
It was a great comfort to me and my family.
Donna also told me that I had a non-biological child: we adopted in May 2010 ,Donna was truly outstanding !

Nigel Rushby

The Fowey Hall Hotel,Cornwall

We saw Donna live and we loved it and look forward to seeing her again,thank you.

Sheena. St Dennis event

Very intrigued as to how Donna knows what she does about people. I was sceptical at first,but when she spoke to my friend she was spot on !! I am shocked.

Gemma / St dennis Event

I saw donna. I am still in shock,thanks for speaking to me through my dad.
I will come and see you again,I will also recommend you to all my friends.

Jackie Vilary

Awesome night ! so real and in depth,wouldn’t think twice about coming to watch again.

Sarah Hawke- St Dennis Event

A magical insight into the unknown !! Brilliant I would come again

Chris field /St Dennis Event

I saw Donna at St dennis event.
Fantastic lady everything Donna said was exactly right she told me that my dads knows of his grandson , that I named him after him and also about our fall out with each other before he passed away.That my dad is with me all the time.
Thank you for giving me the news that I needed that everything is ok.

Ella Burnard

I went to see Donna at an event,a little unsure as it was my first time,couldn’t believe my dad came through with my grandad,I would be interested in a private reading.

Linda King

I saw Donna live,everything she said was spot on,it gave me closure on my grandad,thank you.


This does look promising.I will keep coming back for more.


Donna was very accurate, not only with peoples names and initials, but with details of my life and how I am feeling which only I could know. I would recommend Donna for a reading.

jenny cross

I went to see Donna for a private reading.I am absolutely flabbergasted that Donna was so accurate on every account of my reading,she is so warm and caring ,I felt as if we had know each other all our lives this lady is incredible.

Sue Mevagissey,Cornwall

Absolutely spot on. The young girl you brought through is my granddaughter, who passed aged 13years old.

Len Dungey Mevagissey Activity Centre - Cornwall

Saw Donna at the Mevagissey Activity Centre. A wonderful reading – very accurate information – thank you

Jean Wheatley Mevagissey Activity Centre - Cornwall

I met Donna at the Mevagissey Activity Centre, Cornwall. Really fantastic evening. Truly enjoyed it.

Kaye Caesar Mevagissey Activity Centre - Cornwall

Couldn’t believe what Donna said. Absolutely spot on. Will definitely go and see Donna again.

Diane and Sheila Mevagissey Activity Centre - Cornwall

Very accurate reading of both myself (grandmother) and my partners (grandfather). All References were poignant to our daughters birth and her passing before she was born. Very honest and approachable lady 🙂

Tania Reed Mevagissey Activity Centre - Cornwall

Spot on Mrs D

Martin Smith Mevagissey Activity Centre - Cornwall

I came to see Donna at the Mevagissey Activity Centre.


Donna told me lovely things that made me feel very happy – thank you

Diane Mackenzie Mevagissey Activity Centre - Cornwall

Magical insight into the unknown. Brilliant and would come again.

Chris Field Mevagissy Activity Centre - Cornwall

I had a reading done by Donna and i was very pleased with it, it was very accurate and i feel very comforted. Thank You Donna

Michelle St Austell

I went to see Donna live at Burton on trent town hall.
Thank you for a very informative night,it was nice to hear messages. So much positive energy.

Patty Kudhail Burton on trent

I went to see Donna at Burton town hall,charity event.
it was very good,important message for me about being at a crossroads,thank you.

Shelley Bidder Burton on trent

I saw Donna live at an event in Burton Town hall,my reading was interesting and accurate,facts about my mum and dad,fall out in the family between sisters.etc.

good night

Jannice Burton on trent

I saw Donna live at an event,she was accurate with info about my uncle,interesting night,very emotional.News of the baby will be interested to find out,its not me!!

Joanne Burton on Trent

I saw Donna live at Falmouth Rugby Club.
She was very good.I enjoyed myself,what was said to me was very true.

Mrs Sampson Falmouth,Cornwall

I saw Donna live at Falmouth Rugby Club
I thought Donna was a wonderful warm person ,who carries such good energy.Re affirming the central importance of relationships in our lives and that love is stronger than death.Thank you.

l.Nathan Falmouth,Cornwall

Had a reading from donna today all i can say to her is thankyou she has made me feel very comforted over certain issues. So accurate about things i was gobsmacked! Brilliant thankyou again.

kate st.austell

I am stunned at how accurate Donna was and will admit to feeling hopeful but sceptical before meeting her. No doubts in my mind anymore. Wonderful, uplifting and warming. Thanks Donna, your gift was a gift to me. Best wishes Dee

Dee West Middle aged and searching for answers., Plymouth

I had a reading done by Donna it was very accurate Donna eased my mind over things. What a wonderful experience it was.
Thankyou so much Donna look forward to seeing you again 🙂

leyanda mevagissey, cornwall

I am at a crossroads in my life and I had a private reading with Donna. The things she told me suprised and amazed me, some of it not even my best friend knows. It was all spot on. Afterwards I felt comforted and at peace, I now know the path. A very big thankyou Donna you were brilliant. x

Paula Williams Falmouth

Donna is the best medium i have seen,she was so spot on,fantastic,must see her again

gabriela smith Iam a lady that had a private reading,from heswall, wirral/heswall

I went to see Donna at her last event,what can I say… she was SPOT ON

Paula wallasey,Wirral

I saw Donna at the Age Concern event. I thought Donna was brilliant,she was spot on.
I didnt get a message but friends I was with got messages and they said she was spot on.

Carla wallasey,Wirral

I saw Donna at her last event at Parkfield C C.
Donna was very very good,she was spot on with Sylvia’s reading,thanks Ann

Ann Wirral

Seen Donna live at charity event. I LOVED HER !! xxxx

Iris Wallasey,Wirral

I saw Donna at her last event.I thought Donna was very good and she got a lot of things right about me, VERY impressed.

Lin Wallasey,Wirral

I saw Donna at the event with Age Concern.
Donna was very good,I am pleased with what she had to say,I enjoyed the night.
love to Donna

Mrs Doris Ashley Wallasey,Wirral

I went to see Donna live at the Age Concern event. I had a great nite. Sister and friend were given comfort on lost members of the family and we are now looking forward to a private reading with Donna x

Michelle Wirral

I had a reading with Donna,I really enjoyed the experience.
Thank you.

Maureen Greasby,Wirral

I had a private reading with Donna. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Donna,she put my mind at ease on some matters and made me laugh with others. Thank you x

Racheal Greasby,Wirral

Donna is very gifted and accurate.
I really enjoyed my reading.I will definatley be seeing her again.
Donna is such a lovely warm hearted person.

Sue Smith Neston,Wirral

I had a reading from Donna,she is very talented.
My reading left me reassured and convinced there is an afterlife thank you.

Sheena Neston,Wirral

Thank you Donna ! you have put my mind at rest,there is an afterlife.
See you soon x

Ann McKellar Neston,Wirral

Thank you for my reading Donna,it was very good.

Veronica Wallasey,Wirral

I had a reading from donna she was 100% accurate.
I cant believe Donna knew what she knew about my life.Amazing!

Anthony Wallasey Wirral

This is the first reading I have ever had and I really enjoyed it.Donna was absolutley lovely and really made me feel comfortable.I would recommend her.
Thank you xx P.S. Donna nailed everything to a T !

Jodi Wickham Wallasey,Wirral

I was really pleased with my reading with Donna ,I would definately recommend her to people.

Racheal Wallasey wirral

I would highly recommend Donna and I am going to go back for another reading,I was very happy x

Sammi Hazzard Wallasey,Wirral

I saw Donna and found her to be very accurate in my reading x
I would be happy to see her again and would highly recommend her to others xx

Samantha Stewart Wirral

I found Donna to be accurate in the things she said about me and enlightened me to things from the past and told me things about my future.Donna was very good and i would defo recommend her to others.

Becky Wirral

I had a private reading with Donna,I was quite amazed about what Donna told me,I didn’t recognise all the names she gave me,but I am very happy with what she said. Thank you Donna

Karen Quick Liverpool,merseyside

I had a good private reading with donna,I got lots of names for my family and information,thank you.

Patricia Wirral

I saw Donna at a group event,I was very impressed and its worth seeing Donna again,Thank you

Eileen Porter Wallasey,Wirral

I saw Donna,I thought it was amazing what she said to me,it really helped me understand things.I would see her again definitely.

Jemma Jones Wallasey,Wirral

I had a reading with Donna absolutley brill,I will recommend to many people,we will see Donna again.Many Thanks

S Jones Wallasey,Wirral

I had a reading with Donna I was very impressed,I would like a reading again in the near future.Thank you

Aiesha Maddock Wallasey,Wirral

I saw you at my brothers’ house last night, this was my first reading and I was really impressed, you mentioned alot of things only I would know about, my bedding, the paint colour in my house, my son being in special care when born! Donna you amazed me so much, THANKYOU as I now feel very very happy about things in my life, as I know my mum, dad, and sisters are there with me. Xxx

Kelley Schruyers Liverpool

Donna gave me and my friend kelly a private reading in my home,we both thought she was amazing and told us things only are loved ones would know.I got great comfort out of my reading and now can try and move on with my life.Thankyou Donna will defo be seeing you again xx

Helen Truss Prenton

Donna gave me and my friend kelly a private reading in my home,we both thought she was amazing and told us things only are loved ones would know.I got great comfort out of my reading and now can try and move on with my life.Thankyou Donna will defo be seeing you again xx

Helen Truss Prenton

Donna gave me and my friend kelly a private reading in my home,we both thought she was amazing and told us things only are loved ones would know.I got great comfort out of my reading and now can try and move on with my life.Thankyou Donna will defo be seeing you again xx

Helen Truss Prenton

had a reading from donna on the 5/5/11, she was brill spot on about a lot of things, even medium i have seen has never been able to read me before she was amazing!! and made me feel very relaxed for the time reading was being done, i definitely recommend her and will defo be booking another reading with her in a few months :)thanks rach (“,) xxx

rachael bebington

Once again I have had an other reading from Donna and as usual it was quite extraordinary especially as my husband came home and took over the reading with his family coming through, he really was amazed at what Donna told him think he is now a convert, thank you Donna
Jean xx

Jean Wirral

I saw Donna at the vanilla Lounge,Hoylake.
I found my whole experience amazing,Thank you Donna so much for the comfort and joy you gave me .

Linda Whitby Wirral

Went to see Donna at the Vanilla Lounge,Hoylake.
I had a really good evening,absolutely thrilled you converted my boyfriend from a major cynic into an amazed believer !!
I would love to see Donna on a one to one private reading and bring him!!

Thanks x

Beckie Waterton Wirral

I saw Donna at The Vanilla Lounge,Hoylake.
Thank you Donna for taking the time to speak to us it helped a lot.I enjoyed the evening.

Vincent Williams Higher bebington Wirral

Saw Donna at her event in The Vanilla Lounge Hoylake.
Donna was warm,empathetic and very accurate,lots of validations from the audience. I would definitely see Donna again and recommend her.

Paula Ryan Hoylake,Wirral

I saw Donna at the vanilla Lounge in Hoylake at her event.
WOW totally amazing cant believe how accurate Donna was,it was so comforting to hear from my relatives and to know they are happy with my marriage and life.
I have great appreciation for Donna for helping me contact my loved ones. I cant recommend this lovely lady enough – Awesome !!
Thanks so much

Tracey williams Wirral

I saw Donna at the Vanilla Lounge,Hoylake. Donna was amazing everything she said was so heart rendering.I saw Sally Morgan live in Southport who is famous .DONNA IS BETTER THAN HER. I have now booked a private reading with Donna.
I loved the whole evening. Thank you.

Sue Smith hoylake Wirral

Donna was live at the vanilla lounge this is were I saw her.
I really enjoyed the night,Donna was fantastic. Thank you x

Ann Hoylake, Wirral

I saw Donna live at the vanilla Lounge ,Hoylake.
Donna was amazing,everything she said was true.The reading she gave me was stunning,all my family details was spot on.

Sheena Hoylake,Wirral

I saw Donna live at the Vanilla Lounge ,Hoylake.
I turned up very sceptical but I was amazed,by the information Donna gave me,everything she said was correct,I left feeling very happy !

Andy Whitby Hoylake,Wirral

Thank you Donna for the most amazing reading. You gave me the belief that my son will come home safe from Afghanistan and told me so many facts that only I would know. Looking forward to you coming to Parkfield Cricket Club in June.

Jacqui Henaghan Wallasey, Wirral

Donna just a small message to say a big thank you.I cannot thank you enough your words have changed my life in more ways than you can believe,I will ring your friend because if i can find my way in this world and be half as good as you and change peoples lives like you have mine for the better,then i’m on the right path.So thank you again,Colin.

Colin Taylor Prenton,Wirral

I had a reading with Donna,I loved it all,it has helped me a lot.

Melanie Jones Bagillt, North Wales

I had a reading with Donna,I thought what I got told from my family that I had lost, was really good.Thank you

Catherine Parker Bagillt, North Wales

I had a reading with Donna,it was brilliant I got lovely messages from my dad xxx Thanks

Sue Ahmed Bagillt, North Wales

I saw Donna at the charity event for Pituitary Organisation.
Donna was fantastic,I couldnt believe how much she can read about people she doesnt know.I think Donna could make me even happier by doing a private reading with me.
Thank you

Ursula King Wirral

Saw Donna at the charity evening last week for Pituitary Organisation.
My reading was fantastic,absolutely spot on ! , my sister and my daughter who were there are absolutely amazed

Joan Scoble West Kirby,Wirral

I saw Donna at the charity evening for the Pituitary organisation,My reading was brilliant !! everything she said was true,very clear with her messages to me.I would love to do it again !!.

Thank you

Mo Ayers West Kirby,Wirral

I saw Donna at the charity event for Pituitary organisation.
My reading was eye opening,so accurate and reassuring,Thank you.

Susan Birtley Walton,Liverpool

I saw Donna live at the pituitary charity evening.It was a brilliant evening-very enjoyable and pleasant.My message that I received gave me great comfort.

Gill Hennessy West Kirby,Wirral

I saw Donna live at the charity evening for the Pituitary organisation.
My reading was spot on in everything she said not only for my family,but for everybody that was there that night in the audience.

Kate Gibbons West kirby Wirral

I saw Donna at a charity event for Pituitary.org.uk.
The reading she gave me was very clear,an excellent evening.Thank you.

Celia McDonald Heswall,Wirral

Me and my family saw Donna at Pacific Road,Birkenhead.
The reading we all got was spot on.I even got a personal message that only I would understand.You do wonderful work Donna,thank you so much.

Stephen Poole Birkenhead,Wirral

We saw Donna at her show in Pacific Road,Birkenhead.
The reading we got was spot on.We are all made up 🙂


The Poole family Birkenhead,Wirral

I had a reading with Donna,it was fantastic ! BEST MEDIUM I have ever been to.Everything Donna told me was right. I will definately tell all my friends to go and see her .
Thank you so much Donna x

Michelle Martin Baggald,North Wales

I had a reading with Donna it was mind blowing what Donna told me,so much information about me and guidance.
It also gave me a lot of hope and things to look forward to ! xx

Kerry Mealor Baggald,North Wales

Thank you so much Donna for the reading last night, it certainly was amazing. I really didn’t know what to expect, but the information that came through was so accurate, and very comforting. It was an utter joy that my dad came through really strong. Thank you once again.

Joy North Wales

I saw Donna at her show last night in Pacific Road Arts centre,the place was packed.Donna was fantastic .I didnt get a personal message,but I really enjoyed the evening very much.I have booked myself a personal one to one reading with Donna .
Thank you Donna so much for what you do.

Matt Connor Birkenhead,Wirral

I saw Donna at here show in Pacific road Arts centre yesterday.Donna was absolutely amazing,I’m really glad my nan came through to speak to me.Even before Donna gave me a message I thought she was brill !! .I walked past a lady who said Oh my god Donna was so accurate she got everything right for me too !!!

Thank you I will be booking a private reading with Donna.

Tracey watkins Birkenhead,Wirral

The reading I had with Donna this evening was FAB ! I can wait to have another one,Thank you

Lisa Bromborough,Wirral

Tonights reading I had from Donna was amazing and spot on,I was so pleased and will be recommending her to people I know.

Jemma Laurie Bromborough,Wirral

I had a reading with Donna,everything she spoke about was spot on.The reading was absolutely brill and I will recommend Donna to anyone !! Thank you

Lynne Taylor Bromborough, Wirral

I saw Donna, in my reading everything I was told was 100% accurate. I’d definatley recommend Donna,a lot of things and messages came through,which Donna could not have known.Thank you.

Tracey Rush Flint,North Wales

WOW WOW WOW !! Donna you were spot on ,your fantastic and amazing,Your reading has helped me so much ,Thank you very much.
From someone who wasn’t sure they believed in the after life,I do now.

Penny Williams Flint,North wales

I had a reading with Donna I thought she was fantastic a 100% accurate about my life,details she could not have known about. Thank you so much .

Claire Williams Flint ,North wales

I thought the reading Donna gave me was amazing,all the things she told me were very true about my life and I am very happy with my reading,thank you

Samantha Mc Cann Flint North Wales

I had a private reading with Donna,she was brilliant,I was shocked at the detail,personal things she knew about me. But A few things I wanted to know about she told me and put my mind at ease,Thank you.

Lynne Williams Flint,North Wales

I was really impressed with my reading with Donna,it was lovely to hear from my auntie,who had just passed away, that she was ok. Donna confirmed the 6 miscarriages I’ve had. To know that all those babies were there with my auntie and safe was so lovely ,this has helped me so much.
Thankyou x

Nicky Tranmere,Wirral

My private reading with Donna made me feel reassured,even though my mum has passed over,she is still around me and lovely to know that my mum is ok where she is. Great comfort.

Thank you Donna

Susan Tranmere Wirral

I had a private reading with Donna. I was very impressed ! My reading was accurate and gave me great comfort.

Joanne Tranmere,Wirral

I had a reading from Donna,very reassuring to hear from relatives who have crossed over and my reading was very accurate. Thank you

Kimberley Tranmere ,Wirral

I had a reading from Donna,very reassuring to hear from relatives who have crossed over and my reading was very accurate. Thank youHi Donna, I had a group reading with my two daughters and found the experience very comforting. You were accurate and you have a real tallent. You have answered a lot of questions and I will see you soon 🙂

Sylvia, Wirral

I had a reading from Donna at a group session.It was nice for Donna to tell me about my present circumstances and not passed.She brought through relatives I had forgotten about,I was very pleased with everything she said to me.

Shirley Haynes Wrexham

An excellent reading,I can relate to 85% of what Donna told me at the time ,a lot to take in. “you are very good Donna”

Thanks x

Berny Wrexham

Donna was right in every way with my reading I had. A lot of stuff that means so much for me to hear. I hope one thing you told me comes true…….:)
Many Thanks, I will be defo seeing you again Donna !!!

Joanne Wrexham

Thank you Donna for answering so many questions and thoughts I had in my mind,making me realise how and who is important in my life.
Emotional reading but amazing! I loved everything you said,all so true to my life. Thanks again

Sarah Wrexham

Donna just want to say a massive thank you for my reading today 27.2.11 it has made me so happy to know that my mum & nan are always with me. You have really touched my heart and made me feel better in myself about things. You were spot on with things that have happened between me & my mum and family.

Thanks again love Paula McShane xx
P.S. I’ll look out for the robin.

Paula McShane Mum, Liverpool

I saw Donna’s event at Neston Cricket Club.
A very interesting evening and very enjoyable,Thank you.

Gillian Perry Wirral

My sister and I went to see Donna live at Neston Cricket club,Parkgate.We were so lucky to have Donna bring my mum through to us.Donna was so accurate with her reading and I cant begin to tell her the comfort it has brought,knowing mum is around us.

Phillipa Bebington

I went to see Donna live at Neston Cricket Club ,I felt such comfort with the reading from Donna,been to mediums before but never really had
anyone that I wanted to come through,this was the first time I did,Donna got it spot on I am very very happy and I’m impressed !

Thank you X

Claire Bebington

I went to see Donna at Neston Cricket Club event last night,I have been to several mediums and Donna was first to bring my mum through to us on the anniversary of her passing.I am absolutley thrilled,its such a comfort to know she’s still around us.Thank you.

Jennie, Wirral

I saw Donna at Neston Cricket Club,Parkgate yesterday.I have seen Donna a few times live and find her to be very sincere and a caring person,not just in her self but also the way she brings messages across.Thankyou very much.

Susan Hughes Wirral

I saw Donna live at Neston Cricket Club,Parkgate this week.
Very good evidence with an honest and very gentle approach,Donna had thought and care for all concerned on both sides, spirit and on this side.May God bless you for all your work Donna and may you continue for many years to come.Bless you Donna

Norma Shakespeare Wirral

Donna …. What can I say. You are amazing and your special words were so accurate in every aspect of every area. It brought me to tears because you were so right in all you told me. Thank you Donna lots xxxx

Alsion, Wirral

I have just had a private reading with Donna and I have to say she was amazing!!! Everything she talked about and told me was unbelievably accurate. I would recommend Donna to anybody that was wishing to visit a medium, the experience was a total comfort to me, Thankyou Donna xxx

Angela Nugent bidston

I had a reading with my two friends last week. I recevied messages from my Grandad that came through, things only we could have known and experienced and special messages of comfort. It would have been my Grandads Birthday today and this morning i was emptying my bin inside the house and behind the bin I found a yellow feather which was amazing, I definatly think it was from My Grandad to show he is with me. Donna has such a special gift, Thank you xx

Jenny Murdock 35 years old, Liverpool

donna gave me a reading at oxton cricket club on thursday the 27th of january 2011.
when i presented my late mothers handbag she came right over to me and my mother came through .
well i could not beleave what i was hearing . every thing she said to me was true and that i would only know about . it really did give me closure and a a lot of peace .
i really am looking forward to my private reading soon .
thanks donna and all the best
yours sincerly
lawrence schruyers. xxxxx

lawrence schruyers liverpool merseyside

I was very pleased with the reading Donna gave me,I was surprised at how many things she told me,that were all true about my life.Also enjoyable,made me laugh at some things,but gave me lots of comfort.Thank you Donna.

Janet Mother and grandmother, Wirral

I was really amazed with my reading Donna told me things about my life that no one could know,only myself.She told me things which I needed to hear,I am really happy with my readings from Donna,this was my second reading and I look forward to the third.
I would highly recommend Donna to everyone.

Steph Wirral

Thank you so much Donna you can’t begin to know how important this morning was for me to be able to communicate with my husband who I sadly lost 10 years ago and to know that he is always with me, once again many thanks.

Dorothy Widow, mother, grandmother & great grandmother, Neston

Myself and my 2 daughters had a reading tonight with Donna and we all felt it was absolutely perfect, my Dad and Mother-in-Law came through and the reading was amazing, thank you so much Donna it really meant a lot to us to know my Dad is watching over us all.

Jean, Wirral

I lost my dear wife in september 2010,Donna has been exceptional in her manner which she brought my wife through.
The information and confirmation has been so accurate and has given me great comfort,also giving me proof positive of the afterlife.
I would have no hesitation in recommending people,who have lost a loved one to contact Donna and if they receive just half the information of what I got,it is time more than well spent.
If anyone wishes to contact me to verify my testimonial,you can get in touch with donna and ask her for my details.
Thank you Donna for my readings.

John Wallasey,Wirral

A massive thank you Donna. This is the first time i have had a reading and have to admit was a bit worried. Donna made me feel relaxed straight away. She was very accurate and it made me feel extremley happy when she told me that my dad was with me. For 21 years i have been sad about his death but now i know he is with me gives me a huge comfort ……. Thank you once again !! XX

mrs sue newton

I was very impressed with donnas reading she was very accurate with information as my dad came through i find the reading very enjoyable and i will recomend her to my friends. thanks jill

Jill McCall

Thank you Donna I have been waiting 10 years for my Dad to come through I am so pleased he did I feel much happier now knowing he is always here with me.

Jean Mother, wife and daughter, wirral

Thank you Donna for the amazing reading you gave me on Monday!
I will definitley use Donna’s services in the future and recommend them also.All the stuff Donna said to me was spot on and I feel much happier after seeing her.Thanks again Donna.

Jules Cooper Prenton

I have had the privilege of having a personal reading with donna and was absolutely astounded of the accuracy of the things she told me about family members and my deceased best friend.Even down to the horrific death that she suffered.Things in my family that donna couldnt possibly have known including details about my father being an unscrupulous rogue.Ive gained so much comfort from this reading and will be seeing donna again.She has a true gift

tarina darcy wirral

I went to a show at pensby hotel and then had a personal reading with donna at her home. I was amazed with the information that donna came through with regarding my life and family. The details were incredible and I was so comforted in the knowledge that my deceased father was at peace and looking over me.I cannot recommend donna highly enough!

debra johnson married with 4 children , wirral

What a little gem.
Well I have never met a more interesting person ever! I could spend ages talking to you and with you!! Hope your future goes as well.

I just cant find the words to describe what you do.

Ian Mc Prenton

Donna came to my house and gave me the most accurate reading I’ve had. members of my family came thru. I felt so much better after having this reading.I would recomend Donna

Crissi, Wirral

I had a private reading with Donna,she was very accurate,She gave me lots of information about what is happening in my life today.Some of the messages she gave me,lead me to investigate my family tree.I researched census information and historical newspaper articles.Donna had validated information about my past family members dating back to a relative in 1897!Donna could never have known these personal family details,I am impressed and would recommend her to others.

Linda, Wirral

Donna came to my house for the first time about a year ago on reccomendation from a medium friend of mine.Donna was accurate on lots of things and for the first time my mum came through, its helped me with closure after mums passing thankyou xxxxx

denise mccreath, 46 married with 4 children, irby

I saw donna at wallasey, I was very impressed with her messages and information. I had a reading from donna, she was precise and gave information she couldn’t have known, she also brought members of my family through and was right with info she gave me. Her reading helped me a lot and I would certainly recommend her.

Ann, Wirral

I thought Donna was accurate on several counts and was pleased because my mum has never come through before. Donna also knew things about my daughter who was sitting next to me.

I was quite sceptical until that evening.

Pat Vernon, Wallasey

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Add a testimonial here

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